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A Heartfelt Message of Thanks

A Heartfelt Message of Thanks

A Heartfelt Message of Thanks

Wednesday 31 March, 2021

Service Manager Katie Murphy and her team in Newcastle were humbled when they got a message of thanks from Michael and his sister Anne. Michael has been supported by Real Life Options for many years. He loves community based activities and socialising with people. Michael was upset when the pandemic affected his ability to meet with his friends and family. Michael’s world was further turned upside down last April when his brother Dominic caught the COVID-19 virus and passed away.

Anne explains, “Katie and Michael’s staff team were a great support to me and my brother. With compassion and kindness, Mark, Richard, Alex, Brian and Peter supported him through his grief and have helped him cope throughout the pandemic. A massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every person who has kept not just my brother safe, but every person they support.”

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