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Your Voice

Your Voice

Every person is unique and communicates in a way that is meaningful to them. We believe their voices should guide their support, inspire communities and influence the wider organisation. We use a selection of decision-making and communication profiles to help match people to a staff team with the knowledge and experience that best suits their needs. People’s voices are important to us – so we ask them to share their views on the support they receive through our People We Support Survey. We use their responses to continuously review our service and improve the support experience.

There is also the opportunity for people to get involved and have their views represented by Real Life Option’s advocates. This may be through forums, meetings or events where people we support, family members/carers and other support professionals share experiences and work together for positive change. Advocates have the opportunity to meet with the Real Life Options Board and Leadership Team to influence organisation decision-making and policy. Challenges faced by the people we support are shared with our membership organisations who lobby for change on their behalf.

Click on a case study below to read how we support people to have a voice.

You have a right to know how our services are rated by the CQC and the Care Inspectorate. Click here to find out more.