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A True Hero

A True Hero

A True Hero

Wednesday 14 February, 2018

Andrea Halliday is known by all her colleagues as a very compassionate and considerate Care Worker who always goes above and beyond to deliver the very best care to all the people we support. Her relentless commitment was recently put to the test when she showed exceptional bravery when arriving at the house of Ian, a person we support in Andrea - A True Hero Lockerbie.

Upon arrival Andrea was shocked to discover that the house had been on fire and Ian had collapsed whilst trying to escape. Andrea immediately informed the emergency services and supported Ian into the recovery position. She continued to talk to Ian who was drifting in and out of consciousness until help arrived. Thankfully, Ian went on to make a full recovery and is very grateful to Andrea for intervening when she did.

Andrea Halliday said, “I feel proud that I was able to help Ian and am really pleased that he’s okay. Thankfully, he only suffered from smoke inhalation and managed to avoid getting any burns. When I arrived at the house the fire had been so intense that the smoke alarm had melted and the floor was still so hot that my shoes started to melt whilst I was helping him.”


Service Manager Garry I’Anson added, “It was Andrea’s heroic actions that helped to save Ian’s life and ensure a full recovery.”


Unsurprisingly, Andrea is one of this year’s National Real Hero Award Winners and also received the inaugural Real Hero Bravery Award in recognition of her courage

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