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BLOG – Plans to update National Autism Strategy

BLOG – Plans to update National Autism Strategy

BLOG – Plans to update National Autism Strategy

Friday 14 December, 2018

NAS BlogGovernment plans to introduce an updated National Autism Strategy in England is really positive news. Whilst 10 years ago there was a desire from central government to drive the strategy, additional funding was not made available and some local authorities were facing significant difficulties and struggling under severe austerity measures. If the revised plan is to be extended to people of all ages, there needs to be a commitment from central government to the financial backing required to deliver the plan. We would like to see greater research and insight into the broader issues faced by families, carers and providers of social care and support. Not all professionals that work with young people have the most up-to-date understanding of autism so we anticipate a need for further training for those working in this field. We look forward to seeing how the strategy progresses and we’ll be following developments with keen interest. Follow the National Austistic Society’s link below for more information.

Toni Fyfe, Regional Head of Operations North East England

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