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Derek Is Making Great Strides

Derek Is Making Great Strides

Derek Is Making Great Strides

Wednesday 15 April, 2020

When Derek first moved into his new home in Glasgow five years ago, very few people, including Derek himself, thought he would ever walk again.  As a result of an accident, Derek sustained a brain injury and consequently was unable to walk or bear any weight. After a considerable amount of time in a rehabilitation unit, the opinion was that nothing more could be done to improve his mobility.

On arrival at his new home, Derek could not walk and relied on a wheelchair for mobility, requiring full staff support for his everyday needs.  Over the last four years, Real Life Options staff have worked tirelessly with Derek, supporting him with daily exercises and keeping his spirits up when he felt down. Slowly but surely, through determination and hard work, Derek’s mobility improved.

Derek now has greater independence to get on with his life.  He can walk with the aid of a rollator and requires minimal support for his everyday needs.  His confidence has grown in leaps and bounds to the extent that he has joined new clubs and is trying out activities. Needless to say, Derek has a great relationship with his support team who have worked so hard to help him achieve so much, and says, “I love it here. The staff are brilliant.”

“We are all so proud of how far Derek has come thanks to the hard work and determination of Derek and his support staff.” Fiona McGill, Team Coordinator.

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