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Go Green in 10 simple steps

Go Green in 10 simple steps

Go Green in 10 simple steps

Thursday 12 May, 2016

Green WeekSave energy, reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly

You may have heard that Real Life Options (RLO) is certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard…but what does that really mean? Joe Lee, Health and Safety Manager, who is in charge of all things environmental at RLO explains:

More and more companies are starting to take more care for their environment and Real Life Options have fully embraced this opportunity as it allows all staff, service users and families to join in and make a Real contribution. Our Environment policy clearly identifies how we want to implement our environment objectives and demonstrate a better way of doing things.

Your contribution, no matter how small the involvement may be, will give us all a sense of pride knowing that we are all having an input in to a better, safer and cleaner environment and help reduce waste and CO2 emissions. By getting actively involved and positively contributing to the environment through your ideas, skills and passion, we can all agree protecting our future through Real Life Options is certainly a worthy cause.

 As a company we can potentially save a great deal of natural resourced energy through being mindful about heating and travel and by addressing this shows we understand the need to do more to reduce our usage. Real Life Options get this and we choose to do the right thing rather than the easy thing and by doing this will make the work environment a happier place to work. 

You can help do your bit and go green in 10 simple steps in your office, service and home today

1. Go Digital

The more you do online, the less you need paper. Think about if you can send emails instead of letters or if you need to print files or if you can save them on your computer (or SharePoint if you’re based in a RLO office)


2. Switch lights off

One of the simplest ways to reduce energy consumption is to switch lights off when you leave a room. If it’s sunny outside open up the blinds and make the most of natural light instead.


3. Reuse before recycle

Before you get gung-ho about recycling think about can you re-use items first? Can you print on both sides of paper or can you re-use as scrap paper for note taking or shopping lists?


4. Get sharing

Does everyone in the office or service need their own stapler, hole punch, scissors, etc? Of course not! Save money and unnecessary manufacture by using less in the first place. Rather than buying new stationery, see if you can get refills instead.


5. Switch computers off

Both in services and offices make sure computers are switched off when you’re not using them rather than just leaving them on standby – you’d be amazed how much energy this saves!


6. Recycle

Make sure you recycle what you can. RLO offices have green bins to recycle paper and most councils will collect recycled materials such as plastic and cardboard from residential services so make sure you sort out waste before throwing in the bin.


7. Cut unnecessary travel
Consider if you can use the RLO Skype or teleconference facilities instead of travelling in the first place. Not only is this good for the environment but also saves you time and money too!


8. Save water

Only use as much water as you need, saving both water and the energy needed to heat it when it comes to cups of tea and baths etc. Plus did you know you can get dual-flush toilets or water saving devices for toilet cisterns which reduce water per flush.


9. Green the commute

Can you car share, use public transport, walk or ride a bike instead of jumping in the car? This often provides a great chance to integrate with the community or get to know your colleagues better too!


10. Bring your own lunch

Bringing lunches to work in reusable containers is probably the greenest (and healthiest) way to eat at work. Buying lunches everyday almost inevitably ends up with a miniature mountain of packaging waste and is way more expensive than making your own too!


 Real Life Options is proud to support Green Office Week. #GreenOffice16

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