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Meet the Interview Panel

Meet the Interview Panel

Meet the Interview Panel

Tuesday 16 April, 2019

Angela and Beau interview panel

At Real Life Options, being person-centred, values-driven and passionate about improving the lives of the people we support, are essential qualities when inviting new people to join our organisation. And what better way to find out about potential staff and volunteers than to involve people we support in the interview and recruitment process. 

Beau and Angela, supported by Alan and Ann, recently travelled from the North East of England to our business support offices in Knottingley to meet several candidates keen to join Real Life Options as non-executive Board members. This was Beau’s first occasion as an interviewer. “I was a bit nervous at first. It helped having Alan there for support. After a while, I started to relax and won’t be as nervous next time.”

Angela is a very experienced interviewer and has lost count of the amount of times that she has been an interview panel member. “I enjoy going to Knottingley and meeting new people. I like that I can talk to David [CEO] about the people we meet and that what I think matters.”

CEO David Sargent comments: “The appointment process for non-executive Board members is just as rigorous as for senior staff. On this occasion Angela and Beau ran the core interview panel. They were very open and honest about the candidates, providing Real Life Options with clear insights and strong evidence on the appointments.”

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