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Naseer’s Taekwon-Do Black Belt Achievement

Naseer’s Taekwon-Do Black Belt Achievement

Naseer’s Taekwon-Do Black Belt Achievement

Wednesday 6 January, 2021

Many congratulations to Naseer from Glenrothes who has earned a 1st Dan Black Belt certificate from the esteemed Global Taekwon-Do Federation. His achievement marks years of dedication, training and focus, culminating in a prestigious accolade which less than one in every thousand participants achieve.

Naseer enjoys a wide range of sporting activities including track, hockey and gym work however it is the martial art of Taekwon-Do which combines physical activity with a martial discipline that appeals to his preference for structure and order. He also enjoys the social interaction and friendships that the twice-weekly classes provided prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whilst he is no stranger to Taekwon-Do assessments, Naseer had to work extremely hard as the process for achieving a black belt is rigorous, involving the submission of a detailed thesis to evidence a thorough understanding of the five rules of Taekwon-Do in addition to a two hour technical session followed by the physical grading itself. Not only did this involve the destruction of boards with hands and feet, it also included physical one to one and two to one sparring, giving and responding to commands in Korean.

In preparation for the assessment, Naseer was supported by his personal staff team to develop his thesis, making use of imagery and photographs to explain his understanding of the ‘five rules’ of the martial art. The assessment process took place at Naseer’s local gym over a 6 hour period in the presence of a Taekwon-Do Master. To reduce anxiety ahead of the event, Naseer’s support staff worked with him to become familiar and comfortable with what lay ahead by breaking the event down into its component parts. On the day, Naseer was cool, calm and collected as he knew just what to expect.

The whole experience has been an amazing journey for Naseer. He is physically fit and mentally well, his confidence and feelings of self-worth have grown in leaps and bounds as he has surpassed his own expectations. “It was hard work. I didn’t think I would pass but I did. I bought a frame for my certificate. It is now on my wall above the fireplace,” explains Naseer.

Understandably, Naseer’s staff team are incredibly proud of what he has achieved and how far he has come. “It has taken years of training, dedication and hard work for Naseer to achieve his black belt. We hope he will inspire others to achieve their own goals.”

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