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New Learning Platform, Real Learning Launches

New Learning Platform, Real Learning Launches

New Learning Platform, Real Learning Launches

Thursday 11 July, 2024

A big shout out to our People Development team following the launch of our new learning platform, Real Learning.

Working in partnership with learning management system Cortexa, our People Development team have been working hard with teams across Real Life Options in preparation for the launch.

Speaking about the motivation behind the new platform, Nic Butchart, our People Development Manager explained “We listened to feedback from across the organisation. Managers wanted greater access over reporting and recording and staff wanted the learning content to be engaging and relevant.” A huge advantage of this system includes the ability to be able to track the completion of the online courses almost immediately. Records will be updated throughout the day, rather than a weekly report to rely on which will give managers greater oversight.

The People Development team worked with subject matter experts across Real Life Options to build bespoke training courses for staff and introduce more personalised content, relevant for different function areas and roles.

The platform is easy to navigate and hosts all the mandatory online learning and additional resources required to maintain compliance and support development. There are areas for staff collaboration, and where resources can be easily added and accessed. The platform also keeps staff notified when content is added or changed.

Nic says, “We’re so excited to have Real Learning launched. I’m immensely proud of the team who made this happen. Working with people in all different roles across the organisation, responding to feedback, solving problems and promoting this change with positivity. Thank you to everyone who has got involved, worked with us and supported the implementation of Real Learning.”

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